Welcome to the Kendra Pages!

The Kendra pages have been updated with new pictures. Be sure to visit the "Friends" section in the 10/27 pictures for a Halloween surprise!

There has been one small modification to the original pages. You'll know it as soon as you come across it. Try clicking on the link for the First Kendra Pages and once you get past the first screen you'll know what we mean.

As we add more photos we'll add more links (see links section below). Each link will be dated so you'll know when the pictures were posted.

Be sure to hold your mouse pointer over the pictures
 as there are hidden messages for each picture!

8/26/01 First Kendra Pages Hello, my name is Kendra. I'll be your site operator for tonight!
9/21/01 New Kendra Pictures
10/27/01 Updated Pics
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